December 1, 2009
By Juuuuu:) BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
Juuuuu:) BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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My eyes are closed tight
Tears are streaming down my face
But I know when I’m done,
I’ll be “cool”
The needle pierces my skin
I hear the guy saying he’s almost done
I can’t remember whose hand is in mine
My shirt is halfway up
In the next room over I hear somebody scream
I think to myself, is it too late to back out.
I open my eyes and see my boyfriend
He’s smiling down on me
He tells me he’s proud of me for being so brave
The scents I smell are blood and ink
Every time I feel the needle touch my skin,
I cringe
The guy tells me to keep still
It feels like five days have gone by
Finally the guy told me it’s finished
I look down at my stomach
I see the purple stars lined up in an array
I look at my boyfriend,
And my smile mirrors his now
He says congratulations babe, your first tattoo

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