Dark Angel

December 1, 2009
By , Port McNeill, Canada
Sleeping angel why have you fallen?
With wings like broken glass you lye before me shattered and alone.
Why does no one help you, can so many really not care.
I have not the strength to help you alone, but no one seems to notice.
Have you done something wrong, were you so evil?
They cast you away, left you to fend for yourself.
Would they really punish you in such a way?
Barely moving, hardly breathing, drowning in deep sleep.
I struggle to try and sit you up, and even though you seem to know I'm here,
I don't believe you know who I am or that you even know yourself.
Oblivious to what is happening, it seems as if your body is empty.
You have left it hopeless and damaged.
Does heaven have a name for a creature such as you?
Does anyone weep for a being so far gone?
I know you were once pure and white,
But I only remember you lost between innocence and sin,
when your wings were slightly gray.
But now my eyes scan the dark feathers of a black angel, hollow and unaware.
Can you possibly awake from such a state?
Must I be the one to help you?
For I swore long ago to turn from you.
To cut ties from the beautiful angel who spent many nights weaving pretty pictures in my mind,
leading me straight to his open arms.
Slowly the false images unraveled and I saw your true face.
It took heaven longer to see your cruel ways, but they punished you non the less.
They played tricks with your judgement and broke your mind.
You came full circle, back to mortality.
Left in the hands of a foolish child,
Who long ago fell for the powerful angel who now gasps for air.
Hate comes to mind when I see your face,
Yet I will not leave you to perish in your anguish and pain alone.
For my mortal soul can not bare to leave you broken on the cold damp ground.
Will you thank me once you are mended or will you fly away once your wings have healed?
But where will you go?
The heavens will not take you for you corrupt and control.
I won't let myself become your mortal slave, so you will have to find another heart that you can hold by a string...
I'm done being pulled along like a useless puppet.
You were supposed to be a guardian, instead you lost yourself in unattainable lust.
Like a figment of imagination I hold you in my arms,
Gently wiping the stains of red from your chest,
Patiently feeling the weak beat of your heart.
I wish I knew what you did to push the stars so far as to let you drop.
It's not fair, even in your sleeping state you still steal my heart,
I can not help but feel so deeply for you, even with all the rage I harbor for you.
When you wake, I'll have to leave.
I will not let you encircle me with your black wings and whisper pretty little lies to me.

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