If you only had 100 years

November 30, 2009
If you only had one hundred years
Would you watch me grow?
Would you love me so?
Would you tell me you need me every day?
Would you be here, and not only for today?
If you only had one hundred years
Would you keep a job?
Would you make me smile?
Would you go travel?
Would you take things slower?
If you only knew you had less than one hundred years, you would be
Searching for love
Keeping me close
Keeping in touch
You would be
Laughing until you cried
You would let other people help you through
You would listen to the things they say to you
If only you could make
The life you wanted
If only you could have the things you know
If you kept in mind you, have less than 100 years to live
You would live your life to the full
Stop wasting time
Don’t just watch it go bye

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Bliss said...
Jan. 5, 2010 at 4:44 pm
this is cool i really, enjoyed your theme! And i liked ur repetition.
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