Silent Sufferage

November 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Alone in this world
Or so it may seem
I barely hang on
By living in my dreams

A tourtured soul
Trapped in this place
A fake expression
Always worn on my face

I paste on a smile
As I go out for the day
And pretend that everything
Is going my way

They think I'm happy,
That I've got it all
But no one knows how hard it is
To not let the tears fall

I try so hard not to
Give in to depression
But it always ends up
In unwilling submission

As I watch the birds fly
So happy and free
I wish I could know
What it's like to be

Without a care or worry
Just happy(most of the time)
Instead of sitting in my room
Writing meloncholy rymes

I hope and I pray
That my sun will come out
And drive far away
My clouds of worry and doubt

But for now as my world
Remains grey and discomforting
My heart remains bleeding
And silently suffering.

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