Can't I pick my star?

November 30, 2009
By Crystalwood SILVER, Nunnelly, Tennessee
Crystalwood SILVER, Nunnelly, Tennessee
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I wake up this morning and I don’t know where the suds are going in the bath room mirror.
Lost in this deep space, no where to breathe, so tried of no peace.
I pick up the world and cracked it, little pieces spilled out onto the pan and crackled like little growls, so angry too.
I never knew, only listened, it made me, me.
I know the skies are so high, so far from reach, but doesn’t that mean I’m closer to them than before.
I thought this adventure was different, but its always spinning, it has to, I have to be dizzy.
No need for selflessness, it takes me nowhere.
Wrong turns, we need to turn around, but we face dead ends, I once stared them blind, now I can’t see the right way or maybe I’m tired of trying.
Heaven is too far away from here, a perfect little form of hell. I need no one to care for me, maybe you do.
I looked up and sucked in deep sighs while pacing before dark skies, I waited.
I waited to pick my star.

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