beauty of being a farm girl

November 30, 2009
By bubblez094 BRONZE, Wmca, Nevada
bubblez094 BRONZE, Wmca, Nevada
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its funny how sum1 can break ur heart but u still luv them w/ all the little pieces

Farm Girl
Grab a halter
Strut like a turkey
To the lower pasture
Let out a whistle
And hear hooves
Against the grassy earth
Which ever I please
Put on a halter
Mount up
Gallop to the fence
Fly over
Like an eagle
Go down
To the creek
Or up over
The hills
Let the wind
Fling Sam’s mane
In my face
Let his hooves
Kick up the dirt
Come home
Slop the hogs
Watch the dogs
Fight over a dirty bone
See a calf
Born into the world
The best part of all
Is the smells
Call me crazy
If ya wanna
But remember
It is the beauty
Of being a

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