its all locked up and im scared to hand over the key.

December 8, 2009
this is it
every time i here people say i love you
my heart breaks a little inside
because to me every time you say that word to a different person
your giving them a little piece of your heart
they have the power to treasure it or break it
and some hide it away and decide that they wont ever give it back
its stuff like this that cause people like me
and so many others
to hold on to there pieces and when the time is up and were left standing with
all of them except the one we gave away that got broken
we realize that we missed out on the opportunity to find that person who will take care of it.
so what do we do?
do we lock our heart in a box so that it cant be further mutilated
or do we risk our heart and subject them to the whims of others..............

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