Is it tue?

November 27, 2009
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His absence makes a difference

When you’re near it reappears

From ice to liquid over and over again.

They say big things come in small packages

Your smile is an example of that

You would think it would mean nothing but it means a lot more.

As I thought I fell into a bottomless pit I saw the light at the end of the tunnel

My whole world has been amended

As if the hourglass my life is had been turned upside down

I feel something new has begun, until I close my eyes…

I waste in sighs till the break of dawn

And when I fall asleep I shift to an empty space

Then I see him.

I give into him as if I weren’t dreaming

Everything’s reversed there

Light is dark, sunshine is a storm, good is evil

I dream but stir over and over again.

I’m afraid to close my eyes

I do it anyway

When I'm there he consumes me slowly for his own amusement

He devours every last piece of me, leaving no evidence of my existence

He strips me of what’s mine.

I cannot feel, speak, or hear

But he can read my thoughts, sense how I feel

He laughs…

I feel the blood coursing through my veins boiling from poison he injected me with when I allowed him in

I become immobile from the fear of passing out.

His whispers become louder

I can hear him close by but I cannot see him

It’s all a blur, everything’s distorted.

The demon’s here

I close my eyes but when I open them I’m still unable to unmask him

I blink my eyes 3 times like I’ve done before

It’s over again…

Even through it all I feel no reason to live in fear

But I still waste in sighs till the break of dawn

‘Cause it was all just dream within a dream

I'm awake now but is the dream true?

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