Splashed Pond

November 26, 2009
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I see a little girl who laughs too much and entertains the people around her
I see a girl with long brown hair and big brown eyes
She has dreams that are bigger than the world
I see a little girl who dances every day and night and the rhythm comes naturally
Imagination rules her life
This little girl never worries
Years of life still waiting for her to give them color
I see a little girl who never sleeps and tries to do everything
I see a little girl who illuminates the darkness with her simple laugh
Then I saw the little girl splash in the pond
The little girl grew up into a young lady
Her hair is still brown but shorter and her eyes are covered by glasses
Dreams are almost reality but are very different from when she was that little girl
She faces challenges everyday and most she overcomes with ease
I see a young lady who sits still and tries not to say too much
I see a young lady who tries to dance but can’t find the rhythm
Instead words now come naturally through her mind to her hand that guides the pen
She has little worries, nothing to get upset over though
This young lady tries to keep up with the demands of school, friends, family, and spiritual and personal growth
I see a young lady who is at the crossroads and is not really sure of which way to go
I think I see her smile every now and then
When she does, she lights up a room
Most people crave her laugh
The laugh of a little girl is now instilled in a young lady
Her laugh makes her seem like she still doesn’t have a care in the world
I see a young lady who wishes she could splash the pond again and head to the time where she was the little girl

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