hearts no one realize are heart but still beat silently.....

November 26, 2009
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I've been noticeing the hearts of many around me. They plead and scream as I myself do, and you know you do to.people in this world make up there own lil wanna be's in thier life to cover up thier dismaded realitys.just like how those people walk down the hall and smile that fake smile of its ok and im fine and don't need any help.when we now its not true and you do need help both inside and out, threw spirit,mind,and soul.but our life sometimes seem sold out.Inside and out.you throw pouts and you shout.Yet people act and seem like nothing comes out of your mouth.So you shut your self down.....you move down and hang with the wrong crouwd.Then one day you mysteriously find your self in a scary situation in down town......
When you wake its cold there you see a light and soon realize that you've been found.you quitely ask your self.Why did I even let my self go that far down? And then little rain drops like your tear drops drizzle down in millions like all of the millions of people who let you down and were there for you all at the same time.You just lay there and cry.cry the pain and reality away and think of a good fantisy.Because sometimes fantisy is much more better than reality.....

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