Wall of Years

November 26, 2009
By Anonymous

And kneeling in a puddle of the stress,
Behind the wall of years.
That which is worth chasing,
Worth following,
Hides behind this barrier.
Close to me and yet so divided.
I could lose all the tension behind this wall,
But I cannot scale it.
Leave the world behind, and free myself.
Learn to live,
Learn to learn,
Learn to love,
On my own terms,
Without losing it all again,
A victim of technicality,
Not material,
And of the trials of the days that come,
Three more seasons of life,
To alleviate,
To liberate,
To reach a point of solace,
A point of understanding,
And a point of passion,
Starting at the candle light litany,
And ending in eternity.

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