Your Pupil

November 26, 2009
By goaliemugz SILVER, Rockville, Maryland
goaliemugz SILVER, Rockville, Maryland
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When I look at you
I don’t just see you.
I see your hair and lips,
And your skin.
Yes all of that is important,
But what I search for
Is much deeper than what
Is actually seen.
I see your eyeball.
It is like a pearl and your lids
Are its oyster.
Your iris has the color
Of the mid-day sky.
Tiny veins rap around your
Eyeball just like lightning
In a storm.
Your pupil is what I seek.
It is a cave that my eyes can walk
Around into and let your brain know
That I am looking.
Our eye contact is
What makes looking at you,
Worth my while.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write about how making eye contact is so important in life.

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