Happily Never After

November 26, 2009
By xomibellax BRONZE, Livingston, New Jersey
xomibellax BRONZE, Livingston, New Jersey
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Little girls spellbound by fairy tales.
Beautiful curly-haired princesses with their diamond tiaras and silk ball gowns
And the handsome princes on their white horses
Carrying them off to their happily ever after.
A world of and dazzling cotillions.
But how happy would they be?
Adventurous, inquisitive Rapunzel stuck in a stuffy castle
Simplicity-loving Snow White surrounded by elaborate tapestries and dresses
Hardworking Cinderella waited on hand and foot
All the other princesses that were promised in marriage to strangers
Locked away in fancy chambers like dolls.
How happy would they be?
With that instant “love at first sight” . . .
When they realized the imperfections of a Prince Charming?
How he snored
Never bothered to clean up after himself
Ate like a hog
Only cared about image.
Imagine a beautiful, independent, fearless princess trapped in a palace . . .
An elegant prison . . .
Wasting away among superfluous riches and wealth.

When the magic of the ball faded
How happy would they be?

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