Angry sadness, but a smile shows

November 26, 2009
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Some faces I do not see around me.
The one special person in particular, who I miss deeply since thy has past.
Where objects like buses and wheel chairs remind me.
Whose face haunts my dreams when I am tucked in at night.
Heavy breathing takes place, as sweat drips down my neck.
My heart beats really fast like a drum, but then I wake up.
Heart pounding, sweat dripping, sometimes shadows and memories linger.
The day she left was like a knife stabbed into my big 14 year old heart.
But since then, I was filled with anger, and rage, screaming at photos.
You left me, in this world on my own, lost scared and terrified.
Everything reminds me of you, your blankets I have and even that Scooby doo stuffed animal.
I shed tears for you great grandma, every night.
Sometimes they are good ones and some that are bad ones.
But as long as you’re up there looking down at me and watching me as I grow.
Then one day I will see you again mama and papa.
And my children and their children and many generations will learn all about your greatness
And the most amazing thing of all your beliefs and devotion to God.
Rest in Peace Pauline
Xoxox from Your grand baby Brianna

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