Burning Heart Prays for Relief

November 25, 2009
By NAWolfrom GOLD, Bel Air, Maryland
NAWolfrom GOLD, Bel Air, Maryland
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My heart burns,
For his love, lacking as it is in my direction.
Why won't he see,
All that I am-
And all I can be
Is because I love him.

Happiness that eludes me,
Tears that fill my eye
When I see him with her.
She doesn't see love him like me
She simple cannot-
because I love nim to my cringing soul.

He has gone from me
He doesn't see me anymore.
Perhaps he has never seen me for anything but his childhood friend.
He is blinded by her false light,
and like the planets orbit the sun, he orbits her.
When this planet, a Pluto,
orbits for him, because he is the sun, in its magnificent brilliance.

So cruel is he.
To never see,
All that I can be for him,
How cruel is Mother,
to ignore my pain
with ever circle I light.

Oh, please love me!
That is all I ask,
Because I love him so much,
And she cannot. Not the way I love him.

My heart shrivles, and it cries
to see him with her.
With a coldness in her eyes,
as she hugs him, and smirks at me.

She will never know him like I know him.
She never can,
and she never will,
because I am one of the only two to know him so well.

I shed tears for him.
No one else has that much power over me.
Because my heart, and my soul, all burn for he, who will never know.
It's only him, always him.

Dear Mother,
Save me from this hell.
Of loving him, in the blackest dark, in the coldest night.
He will not see me, for all that I am to him.
She blinds him, and binds him to her.
Like a leech draining blood,
she drains all that is good and pure from him,
and replaces it with cold, icy indifference.

Tears will fall
I will grow,
But he will always be there,
In my soul, in my heart, in the farthest corners of my mind,
Filling his place, never to be replaced,
Because he is the sun, and I am Pluto
deniged his warming rays, and the comfort of his solar system.

Help me,
to see the light of your rays,
When my irises are so full of his blinding light, and her cruel mockings.

Mother, are you so cruel?
Will you not allow me to be free from this prison?
Because all I see is you and he.
And that, loving Mother, darling godess,
is the cruelest of cruel,
that is the most evil thing I can think of.
Because my heart, and my soul wither without his rays,
And yours only taunght me so.

The author's comments:
implied character death. sorry i write a lot of implied character death... im not depressed its just an easy way for me to end my stuff.

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