My true love.

November 25, 2009
I dreamt about you last night. I saw your face. I felt your kiss. I wiped your tears. I loved you. I felt your love for me. I sat on your lap. Took in your sent. I held your hand. I couldn't stop
thinking about you. I miss that. I awoke and you were gone, Your face, i couldn't remember. I felt as if your lips never touched mine. My fingers were not wet of your sweet tears. I can no
longer love you, because i don't know you. You do not love me. I no longer have the warm seat of your lap. Your sent has gone with the wind. Your hands not there to hold. So why can't i
stop thinking about you still? Your my true love. I know one day i'll meet you, so i'll wait for you. Never forgeting are time together.

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