You and Me

November 25, 2009
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I’m stuck I don’t know what to do
I wait and wait until I can see

but every time we meet your
missing a piece, a piece from your
hand, or your shoulder, pieces that
can’t seem to find their way back into
the puzzle

And I
don’t know how long I can wait until
I give in to your lifestyle with fast pace
sales and drugs, cop sirens scream out
as we run down a dark alley, it seems like

a place to belong away from that life
would you please come into my arms they’ve
been wide open ever since we had that long
talk, I’m begging you for another connection
for us

To Be
More than just friends, when you hurt, I’m
bleeding, when your happy, I’m ecstatic,
when you tired, I’m exhausted, so let me stress
this one more time, we need to be


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