Crawled From the Outside In and Then Back Again

November 25, 2009
By Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
Morningstar PLATINUM, Geneva, Indiana
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A freak, a freak
My pal, my owl
Carry this letter to thou
With such speedy haste
So there is no time misplaced

A waste, a life
A taste, a knife
Cut into all that’s brittle
Sure makes us feel a little
Sad songs abroad
Gives me the assurance of a nod

What I perceived right
Was marked down as wrong
When I looked into your eyes
All I felt was disguise

You believe yourself moral
But a cutthroat you are
It’s so apparent
You need not the stars

Tell me of a time
Perfectly happy and content

Tell me of a time
Filled with remorse and lent

The latter I see you know more
The former a much lower score
So from that I deduce
Sorrow you may only conduce

So if I were to be reduced
As to follow what you’ve proposed
I may as well set my depression
In bright yellow clothes

Yet it’s still amusing to me
What you cannot see
A failure of insight
As clear as can be

A vestige of me wants to reach out
But a voice in me tells me to look out
I think that if I were to find
What you were truly all about
A broad misunderstanding
Would be all that amounts

But your ears are blocked
As well as your eyes
You may as well be deaf
Or truly a blind

Crippled by fear
Sorrowed and insincere
I find that I may as well leave from here

I thought we were good in season
But a flaw in reason may as well
Concede the fact oft enthralled

Would I be heckled by a betrayal
Or laugh in your miss
This I fear is a question
I simply cannot dismiss

A journey I do propose
One of sound, sight, and mind I suppose
Led by the curiosity of all men
And above all other animal dens

I believe in our insight
Intuition and third eye
Because of what we learn from false men
Is simply a lie

A lie spreads to consensus
Consensus then to truth
But a fact is not a lie
And consensus not the truth

So if I were to set out
To find who we are
Would you be with me
Or quite far apart

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