November 25, 2009
Rot to grow
A boneless flesh
In human-shaped shells
Under the eyes’ naiveté
Freshen away from death

Under beating logic
Crush a dancing end
And leave alone a man
To sing himself to sleep
And cry a toll of forgetting
On throbless heart

This cool immunity
Is a glass mirror
Of judging gazes
That try to reflect clearly
The blind of masks
This warm vulnerability

Cling the lips
To promises past
And breathe in the blue breaths
Above the surface grasping
But it bleeds through the fingers
Let go of speech

Show no love
To that which is imaged
And spilled out to be lost
Among their empirical reality
The fight is unwinnable but
Hide no hate

Keen and cold
As death and eyes
Only can be at the end
For a chance at infinity
Truer than their
Unperceiving warmth

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