The bond you hold should be unwritten

November 25, 2009
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A promise that is unwritten
Can still as easily be broken
It does not need to be said aloud or written on paper
For it to still be set in stone

To live
To laugh
To love

What makes a friend a friend?
Someone who is truthful?
Someone funny?

A friend is someone who can make a promise and can keep it.
A friend is someone who will never break your promise.
A friend is someone who will never break your promise to be your friend.

Letters make up words
But emotions create meaning
It is not what we say
But is what we show
That shows more importance than any word ever could.

Love is the strongest bond a life can hold!

Happiness is nothing without distress.
Love is nothing without rich.
Always is nothing without not anymore.

When we make a promise we make it for the good and for the bad
We weather the storms with our heads held high
And enjoy the laughter together.

Because a true friendship is an unwritten promise, one that can either last or can end, but will indefinately follow through with the two friends involved, together.

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