Poisened Happiness

November 25, 2009
By kaleyj SILVER, East Lyme, Connecticut
kaleyj SILVER, East Lyme, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"In school, my teacher had us
write down what we wanted to
be when we grew up. I wrote
down "happy". She told me I
didn't understand the assignment.
I told her she didn't understand life."

I feel blue skies
Cloud my veins.
Watch sweet waves
Fog my brain.
Listen to the song
of a forgotten smile.
Hum the melody
I haven't in a while.

Life glows like Christmas lights
before a new year.
And then, the plug

My mouth is bitter
with nausious regret.
Traces of a crumbled love
grow stronger yet.
Staccatto tears
are hardly enough for a song.
But the Christmas lights endure,
limp, lifeless, and strong.

A strand of magnificence,
Of new ties and new tries,
fades to dirty luminescence.

As ugly as poisened happiness.

The author's comments:
The general point of this is, I think, pretty straightforward (check out the last line.) But it could be interpreted in a few different ways. As far as inspiration? I was not inspired to write this, I needed to!

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