To Whom It Concerns

November 25, 2009
By SammieMarie GOLD, Wapello, Iowa
SammieMarie GOLD, Wapello, Iowa
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To whom it concerns,
I am me and thats all i can say theres to much at stake to say much more my real friends know the real me y'all know who you are but to the fakers and haters im just a representation of the real me i wear a metaphorical mask to protect me from the rest to keep hidden what i dont want the fakers and haters to know and to prove that theres more than meets the eye. no im not and open book and thats a good thing or atleast i consider this to be true. im not gonna aplogize for who or what i am so deal and i hope one day you can understand why i went to so much trouble not to bow to the man.

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