Stacking In Circles

November 28, 2009
By anikasaurus BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
anikasaurus BRONZE, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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It's the feeling that you're doing something wrong
That they don't think you belong
The feeling that you're not what everyone hoped you'd be
Not what you hoped you'd be.
It's the knowledge of ...
It's missing what he said to you because you've noticed, once again, how sweet his eyes are.
It's missing the math lesson because you spent the period writing a poem
And it's so damn beautiful.
You just can't give it up
Your insides are twisted in knots and you don't understand the questions they're asking on page 406 of your textbook
And it's scattered and broken
Even though it hurts and even when you're wrong
It's the only happiness

The author's comments:
This poem is for anyone who has spent a whole class period writing poetry or day dreaming.

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