Love Circle.

November 25, 2009
I'll take your picture when you arent looking,
And turn it into a book for the world to read.
I'll sing you a song while you dont listen,
a story it'll tell of loves great deed.
A deed it was, but I've done wrong,
I hurt it when i wrote your book.
And everything i had to give,
Silly love, everything it mistook.
So i go to the beach, and stand in the water,
Is everyone here make believe?
The silence can kill, love makes it loud.
These seconds are the hard ones for me.
Theres a glare on the water, it hurts my eyes.
But if I close them, love mocks me with his stare.
Why dance this rhyme? I dont want to hurt.
I just want to play, and breathe your air.
I'm screaming i know it, you just dont get it,
But im behind a glass wall, its getting hard to breathe.
I need you here.. I need you now...
I'll sing you a melody, straight from me.
I'll paint you a picture right from my heart,
But I won't keep chasing you forever.
So remember my book, and sing us apart.
Don't forget to shatter the glass and open your ears.
Swim away the silence, blink away the glare.
Take my picture, write me a poem,
And save me from this horrid despair.

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