Somber Aura.

November 25, 2009
There was a Death today.
There wasn't a Parade today.
The rain never went away.
The sun never rose today.

Everything was Black today.
No one said a word today.
People went away.
The fields were blank today.

The Trees were mourning today.
The Flowers decided to hide today.
All the Birds went away.
All the grass turned brown today.

The Ocean was still today.
The Wind didn't blow today.
The Ducks were away.
The Thunder never came today.

No Carnivals opened today.
Superman never saved today.
Batman just walked away.
All the peaches rotted today.

The bears went into hibernation today.
The ducks finally flew away today.
All the Whales swam away.
The ice never cracked today.

I smoked my cigarette today.
I drank my beer today.
part of my liver just went away.
I chewed my tongue today.

Today: I died.
Today: I did not cry.
Today: I went away.
Today: I broke.

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