November 25, 2009
By Anonymous

every night i watch the stars
and think about how far you are.
would it be easier to reach for them
or run to you?
either way I'd probably fall flat on my face
but it doesn't matter much...
I've already fallen for you.
winter is coming and the snow will fall
and perch on rooftops and branches
and melt away all my hope.
hope for the leaves;
hope for spring;
hope for you.
I always had hope for you.
I think it was your smile.
It would light up my heart like it lit up the room.
I haven't seen it in a while.
It hides behind laughter and bad jokes.
It hides with you.
And I don't mean the you everyone is seeing,
I mean the real one.
Who's sweet
and insecure
and caring.
You've hid him behind a wall of
wanting to be cool and
trying not to care and
pretending to be confident.
I hope he sits there and thinks
of all the things that went wrong.
I hope he wonders why
everything happened like it did.
I hope he remembers the way
I looked at him,
after he said something stupid,
and smiled.

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