November 24, 2009
By omgimaninja07 BRONZE, Laflin, Pennsylvania
omgimaninja07 BRONZE, Laflin, Pennsylvania
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My life is a bubble that's popped,
and now I can't be stopped,
for there is a world that needs me.
Although it won't be easy,
I've got to help some way,
so things might change someday.
So lucky in my life!
No poverty, no strife.
Clothes to wear, a house to stay,
school to learn, games to play.
Never really thought before,
that out there, there is something more.
People whose life is a battle,
who have nothing, nothing at all!
Those who throw it all away,
just so they have one more day.
I've got to go, I've got to start
to use my soul, to use my heart!
No longer content to live this way,
I've got to let them have a say!
I'm lucky in the things I bear,
and now I know that I must share.
To the ends of the earth, to the skies, to the seas!
Can't do it alone; will you help me, please?
Together, we can change this place.
We can change the human race!
Rid the world of greed and sorrow;
rain today, blue skies tomorrow.

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