Stolen Me Away From You

December 9, 2009
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Last night I never thought
That it would be the last time
That I held you
A dark force came to me
His colds hands struggled
To take me with him
To the land of the dead
I told him that I couldnt
Because I had you
Then with a wave
Of his cloaked arm
Across my face
He made me forget you
I couldnt even feel you in my heart
I took his cold, death hands
And entered a place
Where only the dead survive
I stared out a window
And watched the rain streak it
I watched the world move forward
Move right through me
In this place time does not exist
But for you a year had passed
A sudden realization came to pass
I suddenly remembered you
I ran through the darkness
As fast as my soul could go
I ran to find you
To tell you I was ok
But you couldnt here me
Couldnt see me
Couldnt feel me
As far as you were concerned
I was long dead
My body long rotting in the earth
My body now reduced to bone
I sat with you and struggled to remember
All the memories that were taken from me
Remember when we said nothing could tear us apart?
Remember how we used to say forever?
Where were you the night that I died?
And where were you when I was all alone?
I curl myself up in your lap
And struggle to feel your warmth again
The warmth that always held me tight
Like a baby in a womb
But your arms dont feel me
You dont even feel my presence
I struggle to feel you
But I cant feel you either
I look up at the man
That used to take my breath away
The man that I swore I would marry
The man that promised me the world
A million and one words go unspoken
Even if I spoke
Your ears would go on unhearing
I whisper to you
Words that you havent heard since my death
My frozen lips and unused voice box
Slowly form the words I love you
Remember when we said
Nothing could tear us apart?
Not even death?
Well where were you
When I died?
And where are you now?
Have you forgotten me?
Please tell me you still love me

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