Borrowed Words

November 24, 2009
By MGauthier SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
MGauthier SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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“I’m beating you!”
Speed is a beater on high,
Too fast and the whipping cream is wasted;
Excitement is a roller coaster with no direct end just pauses and spinning lights,
They whip us from side to side stirring our insides.
“Will you stay with me?”
Desire is icing, decorating nights with discontent,
His lips flavor my life with love and pain,
Icing over the imperfections of college conformity,
Trust is butter melting in the heat;
“Will you be my friend?”
Friendship is hot chocolate,
Warm and soothing no matter what;
Rejection is Oreos dipped in milk,
Cold and wasted calories, just what was needed
“I just talked to him.”
Regret is burnt toast lying cold in the garbage,
Tears glaze my face screaming it’s not worth it,
Love is vanilla ice cream in a bowl,
We all scream for ice cream.

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