finally got you back

November 24, 2009
By ILoVeWiLlIaM BRONZE, Hancock, Maine
ILoVeWiLlIaM BRONZE, Hancock, Maine
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I’ve finally got you back,
so don’t leave again please don’t
That would ruin my life
and you would never have another chance
even if u begged and begged id still say no
Kinda like i should have said no tonight
but i couldn’t say no
because i love you
I know that at the beggining it didnt seem like it.
i kept ignoring you
that was stupid
i did that cause i was mad at you
but i got over it
Now i want you to know that
i love you
i always have
and i always will
don’t forget that.
I just cant believe you broke up with her
for me
It made me so happy that i had you again
i just wanted to flip out
I love you
I love you
I love you sooooo much
You are the most amazing person in the world
and I love you!!!!

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