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November 24, 2009
By ILoVeWiLlIaM BRONZE, Hancock, Maine
ILoVeWiLlIaM BRONZE, Hancock, Maine
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I hate not being with you.
I hate seeing you with some one else.
I hate that she makes you happier than i ever did.
I hate acting like i really don’t care that you left me.

But i do care,
I care a lot.
You don’t understand how much you really hurt me.
How much crying i did that night.
The second you said you were done,
I thought my life was going to fall apart.

I mean why throw away all the good times we had together.
When you would make me smile,
and laugh,
and made me never want to go away from you,
When you would tell me you loved me than kiss my head,
or cheek.

You were the only person i ever thought about for that time,
I would always be thinking about your eyes,
your smile,
and your laugh.
It was all stuck in my head.
And it still is.

Every moment we spent together,
is permanently written into my mind.
Every word you said to me
is in a box in the front of my head.
Every time i think of you,
its over whelming.
I just want to cry when i think of you,
because you left me,
more than once.

You put me threw so much.
So much pain,
and tears.
I want to take you back,
but you have her now,
and your happy.
And that is all that matters right now.

The author's comments:
I wrote this free verse poem because the one i love is dating my best friend and i love him so much ( he is my ex)

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