Only to a Certain Point

November 23, 2009
By MaddyAnne GOLD, Rancho Palos Verdes, California
MaddyAnne GOLD, Rancho Palos Verdes, California
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They say life goes on.
And I know it does.
With rough ropes,
Scratchy strings
Tied in knots so tight
I cannot imagine loosening them.
Around my wrists.
My ankles.
Dragging me through the dirt
No one could pick up
Because of how little Time gives us
To do anything we should.
Anything we want to.
So we do nothing.
Lay limp
As the skinny hands of Time
Pull at our hair
Our clothes.
Making sure we're never too comfortable.
Time is such a small idea
But creates such strong reactions.
We can't fight back.
Because there is no fight.

Are the strings made of steel?
Or something never to be destroyed?
It does not matter what we do,
Time will never stop.

We forget where the fire is coming from.
We forget how to put it out.
And it crawls onto all of us
And smarts our skin
And in shock
In reaction
We throw it at anyone
Who's closest.
And behold:
we've made it worse.
Fire on everyone else
Flames licking our already wounded minds.

My sister hums to herself
As if the world would disappear
If only she blocked out the noise
If only she closed her eyes...
If only she saw
What she wished to see.

I want to be happy
My mind is a bruise.
I've tried so much to make sure you're okay.
But I guess I'm not so good at that.
Because there will always be something that will hurt you.
Only down to a certain point.
Is always what I hope.
Only to a certain point.
I feel so useless.
But I will always try.
Even if I'm not quite sure how.

Tell me how
it will be okay.
I wouldn't believe it
If it weren't for you.
I won't cry.
Because I know I want to.
I will choose the hardest battle.
The one that cannot be fought
I will choose to keep my eyes open
Because I want to see
The life
The struggle
Against the ropes
Around my wrists
My ankles
My neck.
Not because I want to win.
But because I know
It's so much better to rest
When you've got nothing left to run on.
It will hurt
But only down to a certain point.
Is always what I hope.
Only to a certain point.

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