Do You See?

November 23, 2009
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Do You Want To See?

This mask that covers my face, muffles my voice
With one sharp pull, I could expose

But the lack of hope, the cynical
Leaves me no choice

It will forever remain attached,
Eyes darkening, ears glistening

Until the day one takes the chance
To decide his own fate rather than leaving it in the air

How childish some can act,
Trying to fool me with their unpleasant laughs

I know inside whether you can see,
The strings that attach this mask to me

Backward or forward, whichever step I take
It will lead me back to where I am today

This world, so full of its perks and peaks
Continues to dissapoint me

You can think whatever you think,
Continue to say those awful things

But only those who are true will get to see
What is hidden underneath this mask.

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