November 30, 2009
By TayyStormm BRONZE, Rochester, New York
TayyStormm BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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I sit at home
Alone one night,
Bored out of my mind,
Watching the world
From inside my house.
The tranquility
Is almost
Painful to be part of.
Not a sound
From anywhere.
It seems to me, like
The whole world is

Then, out of nowhere,
The rain starts to pour.
A smile crosses my face.
It’s the same smile my brother
Wears, when he’s watching
His favorite TV show.

I run out the door,
Wearing my shorts and tank top.
I look up,
Letting the cool rain
Splatter my face.
At the sky,
Boom! Crash!

My body
Vibrates with thunder.
I wait with
Anticipation, for the lightning,
It doesn’t show.

The rain keeps splashing
Down onto my clothes,
Running over my skin
Plastering my clothes to my body.

Boom! Crash!
The thunder rattles the
Skies again.

I keep watching for
The simple streak
Of light
To cut the sky in two.
Still, the sky
Is just a blank, black,
No color to be found.
Even the stars are
Not visible tonight.

As I sigh and lie
In the soaking wet grass
And start too slowly
Close my eyes,
There right above me
Is a brilliant spark of
Blue and yellow light.

Boom! Crash!
The thunder follows
The flash I have
So long awaited.
Flash, Flash
Boom, Boom, Crash

The author's comments:
This was a piece I wrote for my Creative writing class about gifts...

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