Coulda Woulda Shoulda

November 30, 2009
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I coulda been someone
a smart cookie
coulda been someone ma and pa woulda been proud of
I coulda left doors open
neva too late, they say
shoulda never thrown away them keys
I wish I coulda followed those dreams
woulda been real happy now
I wish I coulda appologized
maybe say some things
shoulda neva left things broken
I wish I coulda been more strong
coulda cried into your arms
I wish I coulda been more confident
there be no blush upon my cheeks
no tears or sorrow
I wish I coulda been there for you
when you needed me most
shoulda neva pushed you away
I wish I coulda asked for help
it woulda been nice for a change
I wish I woulda taken that picture
too bad I can't remember it now
I coulda won a contest
woulda been the winner
I wish I coulda tried new things
coulda liked it too
woulda been someone new
I wish I coulda appreciate
shoulda neva took it for granted
I wish we woulda neva fought
'bout the things that tore us apart
I wish I coulda believed in myself
neva hopeless, useless, nor worthless
I wish I woulda just listened
I wish I coulda just said sorry
shoulda just said sorry
I wish I coulda talked to you more
yet I knew you 16 years my life
woulda liked to get to know ya
we coulda woulda been good friends

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