Wake me up

November 30, 2009
If only, if only
I could wake up
If only, if only
Things could just go right

I am stuck in a nightmare
Yet there is no escape
Just wake me up
Please dear god wake me up
Don’t make me do this
Don’t make me feel this

I cannot take it anymore
why do you do this to us, to me?
I know I have made mistakes
But others have made worse
And they don’t get this

Life doesn’t make sense
Yes, others have it worse
But is still feel like my world and everything in it is being ripped away from me
My heart a heavy weight
Just pulls me down
Everything feels foreign
Nothing feels real
Just wake me up
Please, please wake me

I cannot take it
Wake me up
Please I am begging you
Just wake me up
Wake me,
From this nightmare called life

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