the fight of my life

November 29, 2009
In my life I was always taught,
that darkness must always be faught,
I've been fighting for so long,
against the darkness, ever strong,

"I will not give in",
"in the end I will win",
words of might,
words I use in my fight,

yet the war does not end,
the darkness refuses to bend,

it flows all around,
waiting without a sound,
till it's time does come,
when I'm finished and done,

each day it tries to seek,
the places where I am weak,
each day I watch it at length,
to show that I still have strength,

each time it does rise,
it brings a new surprise,
a new weapon I never knew,
thus the fight begins anew,

for so long I've faught this war,
if it would end I was never sure,
then once it showed me,
something I had yet to see,

it showed me a mirror,
that showed a dark figure,
I saw myself reflected,
an image I had rejected,

then the darkness had spoken,
about how I was broken,
and then I understood,
this fight was not good,

I accepted it then,
and allowed it in,
the darkness flowed through me,
to the place it was meant to be,

the pain found it's home,
and my soul saw it was alone,
but my fear of it was gone,
and now, I am truly strong.

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