Flying Without A Net

November 29, 2009
I was fine where I was,
perfectly content on the ground

Somehow we ended up on the same path

Somehow we ended up colliding

The result was an explosion,
tame and mild at first

But the intensity soon increased,
the passion continued to grow

Before I knew it I was up high,
tasting sunshine and sleeping on clouds

With you

Only you

Because of you I smile

Because of you I can fly

You are my sky

But what happens if it begins to rain too much,
my wings become tired
and our love grows weary?

Will I fall?

Won’t the sunshine become bitter
and the clouds uncomforting?

I’ve forgotten the feel of the earth,
how to stand on my own

You’ll be fine,
land on your feet and find your own path

But how will I land?

Where should I go?

Will you still be there to catch me when I fall?

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