My Twilight

November 29, 2009
By GOLD, Woodridge, Illinois GOLD, Woodridge, Illinois
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true boredom is perfection

You are my Edward

You are the complete opposite of
everything I would stand for,
everything I believe in,
everything I would look for,
everything I am

Yet the two of us share something
that can’t be explained

It has no name, no description
Just a place in my heart

So when you leave, I will fall

I will struggle to stand

To breathe

And I will fail

A friend will come pick me up and
set me back into my soft and safe life

And I will walk thru my days without you,
without my heart

But my friend won’t make things better,
won’t help me forget

There’s no Jacob

He has yet to come

Until then I’ll keep myself isolated

And I will have the nightmares

I’ll fall asleep with pain and
wake up to tears

And I will walk thru my days
without anything,
without everything

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