Mother Nature's murder

November 29, 2009
On my knees
Struck down. Broken. Lost without you
The wind shrieks its dirty secrets as it whips by
Sharing truths I never wanted to know
Boasting of your vicious murder
It picked up your frail, ill body
Carrying your screams across the universe to echo in our ears
Traces of your blood streak the clouds and stars
For day and night you were dragged across the skies
Frantic fingerprints scar the moon and sun from where you tried to hold on
Fighting and fighting
Struggling to breathe
And just as your strength was enough, it wasn't
Acid rain
Unrelenting and painful
Your blemishless skin was tattered and torn
Overwhelming destruction
You let go and slowly fall away
Pieces flutter to the earth, blinding the crestfallen survivors
A ripping sensation dominates our hearts
Tears fall to the ground, only fertilizing this wretched place
And the world carries on
Bright, sunny, and untouched
Displaying the pure facade we know too well
How decieving looks can be!
Truth is not in looking, but in seeing
See the world in all its wickedness
People are so simply fooled by sunrises and rainbows
But before dawn there is darkness
And before a rainbow there will always be a storm
Sometimes we remember Grace and her absence
Sometimes Grace remembers us and our misery
But we will always remember him

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jenx0x3 said...
Mar. 20, 2010 at 11:09 pm
wow this is absolutley amazing and I am so sorry for your loss...
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