November 29, 2009
The dripping moonlight guides me through the path

My Longbow keeps me company, shadows and light creeping over the wood

A gleaming rattle emanates off the arrows from my quiver

Six, or five rather, I’m aware

For one, is waiting to pounce

The clouds block out the moon, and for an instant I am still

Silver, fading off the reflecting snow,

Into Darkness

My breath catches, I feel my arm slowly locking back

I wait till the woods are illuminated again, silver light casting shadows around me

My eyes dart, resting the arrows on my lips


Walking, I feel at home, cursing the snow crunching under my feet

For a moment I imagine the summer, pine needles a silent swish

A shadow dances, to my left, barely in sight

I turn to look, and the breeze shakes the trees, dilating in the light


Chilling frost bites into my face, adding to the snow already in my boots.

The clouds are blowing fast, and for a few seconds I find myself in wrapped in a black abyss

I relax the string, placing another arrow in my hand,

Watching as it peers up at me, a glimmering spear searching for prey


A moose dares me to move, ambling slowly in the distance

My moment has come

Two more arrows in my hands, pressing one against the handle, knocking the other

I train the arrows to my lips, all 80 pounds on my shoulders, kissing the knocks


Breathing in

Step, Step

Breathing out

Step, Step

Breathing in

Step, Step, Step

Breathing out


Breathing in



A cry of pain releases me from my trance, both found their target

3 seconds, and the third joins the rest
Crunching darkness, as I walk

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