November 29, 2009
By rissababy BRONZE, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
rissababy BRONZE, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
when you get lonely look at the spaces between your fingers and remember my fingers fit perfectly..

I'm tired of all the lieing
the stories
the fake ppl.
All they cause is fighting
break ups
and killings
Ya they make the world go round
but ppl could be happy
and Trusting.
Instead we have lies
and killings.
If u didn't have them
everyone would be happy
No fighting
No lieing
No hating
but i guess u have to live through it
or not live at all
not living at all is the better choice.....

The author's comments:
i'm tired of everything happening,
no true friends,
all real enimes,
its rare u find a person that tells the truth all the time,
its hard to keep friends,
when everyone lies...

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