Last Moments

November 29, 2009
A chill crept up her spine
As she whispered softly, “I’ll be fine”
Silent tears streamed down his cheek

They both knew her future was bleak
She felt her body slowly go numb
While she gently wiped his tears with her thumb
Her eyelids grew heavy and that was the sign
That she wasn’t going to make it this time
He kissed her hand and started to pray
They wished it didn’t have to end this way
They held each others hands and their golden rings shined
That’s when their wedding day played in their mind
She could feel herself starting to fade
The nurses could no longer offer aid
They knew she wouldn’t make it through the ambulance ride
And so she gradually went limp and died
Her hazel eyes were now empty and blank
He sobbed quietly and his heart sank
This is what happens to people alive
When you take a risk and drink and drive

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