"Happy" Girl

November 29, 2009
"Happy" girl who hides her tears,
afraid to seem weak in front of her peers.
All she wants is to let it out,
but she knows the price of her pain without a doubt.
Instead she holes up in her room.
Consumed in thought, lost in gloom.
She feels alone, without a friend-
decides to make her hurting end.
Picks up a knife, the metal glints.
She bites her lip, sad blue eyes squint.
She puts it down and starts to cry;
not quite ready to say, "good-bye."

"Happy" girl who needs a reason.
Falls apart as the leaves change season.
The knife was put away, but inside she died.
Her all time low has hit it's high.
Zombie walk, she's in a dream.
Insomnia takes hold, can't get to sleep.
Once more she picks up the knife,
planning again to end her life.
This time she cuts and the pain feels right.
Left to bleed alone, she dies.

"Happy" girl, cry no more.
Rest your eyes, love, be at peace before
You fly away with angel wings;
a life wasted on nothing.

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