November 29, 2009
Do you think I'm blind?
That I cannot see-
how you and her replaced you and me?
Or are you purposely trying
to make me pained?
Toying with my emotions,
bring me to shame?
One day, you'll regret,
this shallow attack.
One day, the spite will
be sent right back.
You want to call me crazy?
Well, I can show you insane.
Let's really raise the bar this time,
level up the game.
Once you see what I have in mind,
I doubt you'll want to play.
I will make you beg to die,
rather than live another day.
The moment you crossed me, war began
of who will come out
the bigger man.
Don't worry, boys and girls,
We'll have fun.
Let's test out a theory: without feet can you run?
Without a tongue, can you scream?
If you are dead,
can you still bleed?
Step up to the plate, and bat your best swing.
Take a guess: without lungs, can you sing?
We'll find out these answers, and a whole bunch more,
Unless you'd like to dump that dirty scum.
If not, you can keep spreading the blame...
If you still have a throat to even utter, "insane."

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