How Do You Keep A Moment?

November 29, 2009
How do you keep a moment?
How do you hold it in your hand?
I always want to capture it,
but as hard as I try, I can't.

How do we make this last forever,
as the seconds pass us by?
For the seconds turn to minutes,
and in minutes we could die.

How can I make our time last
together on this earth?
How do I make you love me,
till my body's in the dirt?

'Cause when I spread my wings,
how can they function without the wind?
For if I catch this moment
they can sail on it.
'Cause you're my wind,
and you're my breath.
You are my moment
I want till death.

And without you, I can't function.
So can you tell me, please?
How do I keep a moment?
How can I keep sailing on this breeze?

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