The End

November 29, 2009
By rebeccabyproxy PLATINUM, Shelton, Connecticut
rebeccabyproxy PLATINUM, Shelton, Connecticut
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"I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone."

I feel so useless.
I feel so unsure.
I feel like my heart
just sailed out the door.
I feel so broken,
like I can't be fixed.
Like anger, sadness, and loneliness have all been mixed.
I just want it over,
the coward's way out.
I can't stay quiet any longer,
I have to scream and shout
just to be heard
like the tiniest whisper.
Heads don't even turn, eyes don't flicker.
I can't pretend anymore,
wear this mask, put on this charade.
I'm dead inside,
scattered like confetti at the end of a parade.
People keep stepping
all over me.
I keep waiting
For those people to see:
that I'm a person, too,
even though I've cracked.
I just need someone to put me back.
Don't you notice,
how it makes me feel
when you ignore me,
put me down, gut me inside like a fish on a reel?
I can't do this anymore-
live this hell of a life
with or without you by my side.

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