19 Times (Screwed Over)

November 29, 2009
Outside I laugh, but inside I cry.
Although I look happy, I'm living a lie.
Used and broken
I'm already worn
I try to forget, but it's my spirit you've torn.
When I think of my mistake I cringe;
I spend my time thinking aimlessly of my sins.
And all the hopeless thoughts,
dance around my head.
Reminding me I'm worthless
Empty, already dead.
Will you want me, when the time comes?
Will you still love me, when the day's done?
Cause I'm shattered, my body's abused.
Before the game begins I already lose.
All I want is a new start
Even though the past you can't change.
All I want is your heart
And to know you feel the same.
So save me a seat, devil,
with you in hell.
Cause I'll never climb out
From this hole which I've fell.

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