November 29, 2009
By Anonymous

Grey fills the skys,
As the sun darkens and dies.
Smiles are faintly remembered
And all that exist are heavy sighs.

A place called Nothing.

I've traveled here before.
To kill the pain.
To forget what is remembered.
To hide away my heart.

Such a place will keep you stranded
But hatred pulled me back.
I give my strength to return,
But I am always saved again, for a time.

I am there once more
But it is not as i recall.
Its poison is not as potent.
Its skys are no as empty
And the pain is still all too real.

This guy offers me love.
But only for now.
Is a moment of love,
Worth a century of tears?

Or should i stay in this place
Of nothing, of nowhere.
Where feelings are dead
And there is nothing left of me to share.

Here i am numb,
A hollow shell.

Is feeling a false love
Better than feeling none?

Why must he continue to pull me back?

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