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November 28, 2009
By Jessicunt GOLD, Jennings, Louisiana
Jessicunt GOLD, Jennings, Louisiana
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Just because I’m 16
doesn’t mean I’m pregnant
doesn’t mean I cant do anything
And doesn’t mean I think I know everything
Just because I have black hair
doesn’t mean I’m Goth
doesn’t mean my room is scary
And doesn’t mean I’m suicidal
Just because I like pink
doesn’t mean I’m a prep
doesn’t mean I aspire to be a cheerleader
And doesn’t mean I dress my dogs
Just because I like rainbows
doesn’t mean I’m gay
doesn’t mean all I hang out with is girls
And doesn’t mean I think we will ever actually have peace
Just because I’m 16
Why should it matter
Who cares
Why should I have to worry about what others think
Just because I’m 16

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